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Representative Ariel Defay

I serve as your representative for Utah House District 15

As a life-long member of the Utah and Davis County community, I am dedicated to preserving what makes our area an ideal place to work and live. For years, I have served our community with heartfelt commitment, always striving to uplift and uphold the values we hold dear in District 15. Above all else I am a wife and a mother. I am committed to doing all I can to create a better future for my family and all Utahns. 

I am and always have been a registered Republican and a true conservative. I deeply respect and champion the Republican platform and its foundational tenets:

- Limited Government: A government that governs least governs best. I will work tirelessly to ensure that unnecessary bureaucracy and regulations are minimized. 
The right to life is foundational to the principles of limited government. I will unapologetically stand for protecting life while minimizing government intrusion.

- Fiscal Responsibility: Ensuring that Utah spends wisely, I will advocate for low taxes, and responsible fiscal policies to secure our state's financial future.

- Individual Rights: Believing in the power and rights of every individual, I will defend our constitutional freedoms, ensuring that government never oversteps its bounds. Supporting the Second Amendment is a core value of my campaign.

- Free Market Principles: As a small business owner, I recognizing that free enterprise is at the heart of American prosperity. I will champion policies that support businesses and fuel economic growth in Utah.

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I believe that what makes Utah distinctively powerful and robust is its commitment to the four critical institutions: 
Family. Religion.




I aim to nurture policies that bolster and safeguard Utah families, the cornerstone of our community.



Upholding Utah's rich religious traditions, I will promote the freedom of faith, ensuring all can practice without hindrance.



I am fervent about preserving the education of our children, and ensuring the success and strength of the next generation.


My husband and I are small business owners. As such, I am dedicated to fostering a flourishing entrepreneurial environment in Utah, understanding that innovation and enterprise drive our prosperity.


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Prepared to Serve
My experience includes...

Scope of Government

I am a staunch advocate for state rights, I believe in a government close to its people. I'm committed to resisting federal overreach, guaranteeing that the decisions impacting Utah are made by Utahns, for Utahns.

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-Small Business Owner

-District 15 Legislative Chair

-Republican Senior Legislative Aide

for the Ohio State House of Representatives

-Masters in Public Administration

-Davis County GOP Executive Board

-Precinct Chair and Vice Chair

-State and County Delegate

-Community Council

-DTC Foundation Board

-Policy Project Volunteer

-Davis County Republican Women Member

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I am more than just a public official and candidate for Utah House District 15; I will be an advocate for our shared values, and a true representative of our community's heart and soul.

Together, let's bring about a bright future for District 15 and all of Utah!

Join Us!

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